Confirmed: Verizon Will Have A Version Of The BlackBerry Tour 9630 Without Camera

Posted on 21. Jun, 2009 by in BlackBerry


This isn’t anything earth shattering but a source of mine has just been able to confirm that Verizon Wireless will be getting a version of the BlackBerry Tour 9630 without a camera.  You may or may not remember PhoneArena had a picture of the VZW inventory system with the Tour sku, that same picture had the sku for the camera-less version in it (BB9630TRNC).  I have seen a few posts here and there speculating whether or not it did indeed stand for “non-camera” but nothing that was 100% certain.  For this reason I decided to post the story. This is great news for the government folks who wish to have a Tour but would otherwise not be allowed to carry it at work due to the camera.   No word on release date or price.

**Just to clarify, this simply means there will be two different versions of the Tour 9630.  One with a camera and one without**

Thank you to BigPerm!!

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