Free Neon Theme Set For The BlackBerry Storm

Posted on 17. Jun, 2009 by in Tech News


R&R Theme Designs just  released a free version of their neon themes for the Blackberry Storm.


  • OTA for each color is up and running ready for downloads
  • This is the FREE Basic version of the “NEON” series theme
  • Free version features Zen like stationary bottom dock with top 4 icons.
  • Nearly every single item that is skinable is skinned
  • Buttons and selection carets match theme color
  • Home Screen is user background friendly

R&R Theme Designs is asking for feedback of any issues or bugs you may find so he can improve this theme. If you find any, or want to make any suggestions, be sure to do so at the theme page.


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  1. Michelle

    29. Jul, 2009

    I downloaded this theme onto my storm. it looks great except for when Im on my main screen (vertically), half the screen white while the other half is the neon green. any ideas why?