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Posted on 08. Jun, 2009 by in Tech News

This is how I roll

Hello!! I am Jason Cipriani, a new blogger here at BerryScoop.  I enjoy long walks on the beach, playing guitar, and giving massages.. all with my BlackBerry in hand. I live, work, and go to school in Colorado. I have a beautiful daughter and wife, and am an avid hockey fan (Go Avs!)

My first BlackBerry was a 7230 and I have been addicted ever since. I’ll admit I have strayed a couple of times, only to be back to a BlackBerry within a month or so. I currently am using an 8900 and love it. I have about 4 years of experience in the wireless industry, the latest being with a major carrier here in the states.

This is my first chance to blog about something I enjoy. I plan to cover and contribute all that is RIM, good or bad, with some witty sarcasm and cold hard facts. And away we go…

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  1. David Malka

    08. Jun, 2009

    Welcome Jason!
    I’m sure your knowledge and Blackberry addiction will bring alot to!

  2. j-p

    08. Jun, 2009

    way to go j bro, look forward to reading your insights and opinions

  3. The Bob

    17. Jun, 2009


    I remember when you sent me that pic. Hilarious!

    Great stuff on the site. I look forward to reading more.