Intriguing Article By Boy Genius About RIM And Their Shortcomings

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Boy Genius posted a lengthy article today regarding RIM, their software, and the general direction the company is heading. I have to say the article makes a very strong case for RIM to step up their software and device development.  The main threat to the BlackBerry is the iPhone at the moment.  I would like to take a look at his article and give my perspective on it..

One point BG made which stuck with me was the following:

You can throw $1,000,000,000 at developers but you won’t get any if your OS, tools, and documentation are so bad, and that’s really in the end a lot of what I’m getting at. I was laying in bed at around 3AM early one morning recently, looking through the iPhone App Store and I came across EA’s Tiger Woods Golf. $4.99, why not? Wait, it’s 150MB? Wow, it must be good. I clicked purchase and literally 4 minutes later, Tiger Woods was installed and up on my screen. Granted I was on a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, but it made me realize more than ever that RIM has the most uphill battle of their lifetimes. When a BlackBerry application over 500k is considered “large”, something’s wrong.

Having a device which you can actually install something that is as large as 150MB is insane when thinking of it from the perspective of a BlackBerry user.  Some recent Twitter conversations I have had showed excitement over the memory going up 1MB after closing an app on a BlackBerry.  This is a huge difference in user mentality and the way users approach their device.  Granted RIM has positioned the BlackBerry as primarily a business tool but with each new devices release their market share in the consumer industry grows.

Another issue BG covers is the release schedule of new devices, how fast and in the big picture how little changes from device to device:

Here’s a list of RIM’s models followed by Apple’s in the last 3 years:
RIM: 8110, 8120, 8130, 8800, 8820, 8830, 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8220, 8230, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9530, 9630.
Apple: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS.

RIM’s main emphasis is getting quality devices out in a timely manner.  I will be the last person to complain about having a sweet new BlackBerry every 4-5 months.  In the end however, the software is what really needs to be worked on.  Developers who create apps for the BlackBerry platform all say the same thing, the SDK is laughable and coding for an app is way too time consuming.  Not to mention having to be aware of how big the app is in the end.  Why not slow down on how many devices you put out to pacify the end users and step up the software development?  Boy Genius went on to say:

These things won’t change, the core OS hasn’t changed, and RIM has had no reason to change it. Why mess with success, right? Well, if you happen to be Research In Motion, you might have to start changing things up or newer and better operating systems like the iPhone, webOS, and Android are going to eat their lunch and their applications, too.

I would kill to have a BlackBerry with a RIM perfected keyboard, trackpad, beautiful screen, and 32GB of storage on which we can install games and apps.  I would like to see a better SDK and development platform for developers to make amazing apps we haven’t even began to dream of for a BlackBerry.  RIM I hope you are already working on an OS that will accomplish this.   A quick scientific poll via my Twitter account showed the masses agree with Boy Genius, this is something RIM needs to address.

Then again the question has to be asked, is this why so many people like BlackBerry’s and swear by them?  They are simple, nothing too complicated, and hardly have any issues.

Read the entire Boy Genius article

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