Will The BlackBerry Onyx (9020) End Up Having A Trackpad?

Posted on 19. Jun, 2009 by in Rumors


A couple of days ago we had the Scoop that the BlackBerry Onyx was actually the BlackBerry 9020 which is believed to be an extension of the Bold series.  In that report we had also mentioned that they Onyx would more than likely not have a trackpad as seen on the Curve 8520 (pictured on the right).  The belief was the Onyx was going to stick with the tried and true trackball.  This morning it has come to light this may not actually be the case.  The Onyx will have a trackpad at time of release.  According to the report the reason there are pre-release versions of the Onyx out in the wild with a trackball is due to RIM using two different teams working on the Onyx and the Curve 8520 who just needed to get together and make magic happen.  According to the source used in the article the keyboard layout has been adjusted somewhat to make room for the trackpad.  I can’t wait to see the Onyx with the trackpad, it’s going to look amazing.

I will speak for all of BerryScoop, if you have pictures of an Onyx with the trackpad we will take em no questions asked ;-)


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