Accidentally Leaked BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS

Posted on 09. Jul, 2009 by in BlackBerry

My friend @mikerlawson just sent me a tweet saying that I could find OS in the CrackBerry forums.  This is not a leaked beta, this is an accidental official release.  What?!? Yes, an accidental official release. What happened was the carrier Iusacell accidently uploaded the 9530 firmware into the 9500 section of the site.  Now that that is cleared up we can get to the good stuff; the download link.

Get your 9530 sweetness

Make sure you select the 9500 download.  Look at the file name you will see that it is really for the 9530.

If someone installs this OS and sends me a screenshot of the About screen showing its installed I will use it for this post.

Help installing an OS


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