BlackBerry App World To Get An Update, Apps On Media Card To Be Allowed?!?

Posted on 29. Jul, 2009 by in BlackBerry

App World

This is big news if it is to come to life.  We all remember the article by The Boy Genius regarding RIM and the shortcomings of their OS.  One of the issues laid out in the article was the fact that BlackBerry users are not able to install apps onto the memory card.  It would only make sense to have this capability, right?  Well it appears RIM may be coming around and giving users the option of installing apps on the media card.  Ronan over at BerryReview was digging around in some documentation for the new developers tools and discovered the following:

•This feature permits BlackBerry App World™ storefront users to remove applications from their BlackBerry® devices and reinstall the applications without paying for the application a second time. BlackBerry App World archives a record of the application to save memory and so that the user does not have to maintain the application on the BlackBerry device.  BlackBerry App World users can also install or archive applications on expandable memory, such as a media card.

Another neat thing he found was the possibility there is going to be a website for App World:

•This feature permits users to read descriptions and reviews and view screen shots of applications even if they are not BlackBerry App World users. Users can find applications by using the search function, selecting an application category, or browsing by Featured Items, Top Free, Top Paid, or Newest Applications. Users can visit the web site for BlackBerry App World at

Great news all the way around if it holds to come to life!

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