MinuteSaver – Save minutes on your voice plan with this app

Posted on 09. Jul, 2009 by in BlackBerry


One of the better BlackBerry app developers who often times takes requests from his Twitter followers or realizes a need for a small feature on a BlackBerry is @FabianMH.  Today he has released yet another app which makes a lot of sense for us BlackBerry users to have, especially if you don’t have an unlimited calling plan.  The new app called, MinuteSaver, will alert the user every 55 seconds that they are approaching another minute in their call.  This will come in handy especially towards the end of your billing cycle when you are counting each minute, hoping you don’t go over.  Carriers usually round up to the next minute, so if you talk on the phone for 4:21, you are actually going to be billed for 5 minutes.  See how this app could work to your benefit?  But wait, there is more!  The app is absolutely 100% free!

OTA link: MinuteSaver

Fabian has many more apps which are just as useful, both free and premium.  Make sure to check out all his apps on his blog MobileUtil

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