More Features Are Shown Off In BlackBerry OS 5.0

Posted on 17. Jul, 2009 by in BlackBerry


The folks over at BlackBerry News have been kind enough to show off some more the features we might see in BlackBerry OS 5.0.  I gotta admit some of these features are great to see and long overdue.  A quick rundown of the new features:

Time Zone Auto Update- It appears for those of us who travel a lot and are always changing time zones that in 5.0 our BlackBerry’s will finally automatically change the time zone on the phone for us.

Security Wipe Options- Users will now be able to also wipe the memory card as well 3rd party applications.

Mobile Backup- Users will now have the option to wirelessly back up information.  How this works is unknown at this point but it appears it will be to a 3rd party site.

Enhanced Advanced Applications List- The applications list will now include the icon for each app installed and has more capabilities to control the selected app.

Tabbed Browsing- The Blackberry Browser will now (finally) have tabbed browsing!

A fair amount of new features and a whole lot of potential.  What actually will be released and when is still unknown.  Between the features mentioned here and the new BlackBerry Messenger it appears RIM is making an honest effort to drastically improve the overall OS.  Granted these are baby steps, but at least they are heading in the right direction.  More pictures after the jump..


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