MyBlackBerry Social Network Site Brought To You By RIM

Posted on 14. Jul, 2009 by in BlackBerry


It appears as if RIM wants to get in the Social Network game with their new site MyBlackBerry.  The site is not open to the public right now and you have to an invitation code to sign up. There is a brief introduction video located on the site.  The video shows members asking BlackBerry related questions, and the questions being answered by other members (possibly a forum type set up, its hard to tell).  It also appears there will be a way to rate BlackBerry apps and share your thoughts on them.  Basically it is a place for BlackBerry users and abusers to help each other out.

According to TechCrunch, who first broke the story, the site is supposed to go live today.  Will you be hitting refresh all day?  How do you feel about a place to go and vent express your enthusiasm when it comes to all things BlackBerry with other users?  Is this just a waste of time for RIM with the popularity of the CrackBerry Forums and their 1.5 million members?  If they do it right I think it will be successful but take some time to get there.  Are you going to sign up?  Let us know if you do and your username in the comments.


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