SocialScope Set To Add More Features AND Users!!

Posted on 14. Jul, 2009 by in BlackBerry


Bla1ze just posted a great article over on CrackBerry in regards to one of, if not the best Twitter apps for the BlackBerry.  SocialScope has let him know there is going to be a whole new look to the app here soon with a ton of new features included.  Here is a run down of the whats new:

-Major Upgrade To The UI- Social Scope has always had a “clean” feeling UI and they have taken that one step furtherwith the latest offerings.
-Location Based Search – Need to find people around you Tweeting? Maybe you need to just try and find out where the next bar is that has happy hour–now you can do it.
-Trends Support- Twitter is a social network site. With that a lot of topics are shared, now from within Social Scope you can find out what all the latest hot topics are.
-Biggest News Of All - Social Scope will be adding A LOT more users to the services. Testing has been completed, services can now handle more users, so they will indeed be added.

Yes, you read the last one right.  They are going to be adding “A LOT” more users.  Great news!  If you haven’t signed up for an invite already go ahead and do that HERE

More screenshots from Bla1ze after the jump...




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