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I just recieved an email from TetherBerry stating they have updated the beta of their Mac client which will significantly improve the speed and performance when tethering via their app to a Mac.

For those who don’t know, TetherBerry allows you to tether with your BlackBerry without having to pay your carrier the extra monthly fee.

Also included in the email they stated they are going to start offering a 7 day trial of TetherBerry for PC and will also start testing a bluetooth version soon.

Read on for download links and instructions for the TetherBerry Mac beta, make sure to provide feedback good or bad regarding your experience with the beta.

Our latest Mac beta blows our previous Mac beta out of the water.  It is noticably faster but we want your feedback!  Our interface is dead simple and is compatiable with all BlackBerries.  No more hassle finding scripts for mac tethering, just one solution: TetherBerry

If you have a chance please review our latest Mac Beta by following the instructions below.  Send us any feedback you have by replying to this email or leaving us a message on our forums.

1. Download TetherBerry to your Mac (Leopard only) and install it: http://tetherberry.com/downloads/beta/TetherBerry.dmg

2. Download TetherBerry on your BlackBerry by opening the following URL with your BlackBerry device, from the browser: http://tetherberry.com/d/tetherberry.jad

3. Turn off your Airport and start TetherBerry on your Mac and BlackBerry. The first time the TetherBerry application is run on your phone you will be asked what type of connection to use. Please try Default or Direct first as this works for most of our users.  The other option is BES for corporate BlackBerry users.

4. Connect your Mac to your BlackBerry via USB and you should now be able to surf the web. Please turn off any bandwidth consuming applications like BitTorrent to ensure high speeds.

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