Announcing bChat A Threaded SMS App For Your BlackBerry

Posted on 18. Aug, 2009 by in BlackBerry


I am excited to announce a new app that hit the MobiHand store last night called bChat. The same developer who brought us CropIt has done a great job once again.  bChat is a threaded SMS app that has a simple design and takes up very little room on your device for those concerned with memory usage.  Features of the app include:

-Texts organized by conversation/contact
-Allows texts longer than the standard 160 characters
-Customize the UI colors
-Integration into your profiles
-Save your chats to the device or memory card for your records
-Follow links and emails directly from the conversation, no need to copy and paste the link
-Send texts with just a press of the enter key, just like BlackBerry Messenger
-Track how many texts you send and receive

What makes the app even better is the fact that it is going to be sold for $.99.  That’s not a typo or an introductory price.  Currently it is available for devices 4.5+ excluding now including the Storm. The good news is that Kyle has let me know the Storm version is in final stages of development and should be released very soon.

Head on over to MobiHand for more screenshots and to purchase bChat.

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