How to post pictures to Twitter from your BlackBerry

Posted on 15. Aug, 2009 by in Tech News

There are quite a few Twitter clients for BlackBerry devices and most of them will allow you to post pictures to twitter using picture services like TwitPic and TweetPhoto. The problem with them is that they are marginally reliable at best, at least in my experience. Recently I’ve started using the e-mail option of twitpic. You sign up with your Twitter name and are then given an email address with your personal pin that you can email photos to. The photos are automatically posted to your twitter account within a few minutes. TweetPhoto has the same feature. I save the email address in my contacts so I can take a picture, select send as email and select the saved contact. The subject of the email will be the tweet sent with the pic. Both services do the same thing, and have different advantages, I use TwitPic but only because it’s widely integrated into Twitter Clients, you chose which one you like. Enjoy Folks!

[Update-I started this post yesterday afternoon, and last night Bla1ze from showed me MobyPicture, the cool thing about it is that you can send videos from your BlackBerry, and post to multiple other services. Check out his post here. ]

Sign up here for MobyPicture

Sign up for TwitPic here

Sign up for TweetPhoto here

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