BlackBerry Desktop Manger for Mac is Near

Posted on 23. Sep, 2009 by in BlackBerry

IconMac users get ready,the time is near people. Andrey, over at Inside BlackBerry has given us a up to date detailed look at the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac. Which according to¬†BlackBerry is set to release this month. If you’ve been using the leaked version, which is build 75, the screenshots in his article don’t really look any different than what you have already though I am sure that it’s much more reliable. There is one question that I and all of you have been asking: What about updating your BlackBerry device software? See what Andrey says, and my thoughts after the jump.

In his article Andrey, says that as with the Windows Desktop Manager, users do not have to install the device software to the computer. Instead, the Desktop Software automatically checks and notifies users of updates when they connect there BlackBerry smartphone. I can confirm this for you as my version did notify me of an update for my tour last week before Verizon or RIM pulled it back. I didn’t upgrade at the time, but Jason, one of the other writer’s here at BerryScoop, did and said it worked flawlessly. All that being said, it seems like the ability to download, install, and upgrade your device to a beta or leaked version of it’s software will not be possible. Now, this is purely my opinion, and he mentions nothing about this issue. I hope I’m wrong in this assumption also, because it would be one more thing that would get me away from Windows all together. Check out The Official BlackBerry Blog and Andrey’s article here.

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