BlackBerry Odin/Storm 2 Torn Down and Explained

Posted on 26. Sep, 2009 by in Tech News

8Our buddy BritishTurbo of The BlackBerry Zone has done what we all would love and hate to do. First, he got his hands on the much anticipated BlackBerry Storm 2 or Odin, then he proceeded to tear it apart. Ok, that’s a bit much, he gently disassembled it in an effort to see what exactly is behind that new screen. What he found is quite interesting. It seems that RIM listened to the masses and recognized the failure that the original Storm’s screen is. The fact that you have to click the entire screen in order to type or select something is a huge aggravation to many users. How have they fixed it? Click threw to see photos, and explanation of RIM’s new touchscreen.

The Odin appears to have fixed this issue. In the original video we received from Sal over at The Cool Guy Report he explained that it uses Piezo or Piezoelectricity and this is confirmed by BritishTurbo’s findings. ¬†What we see in the pictures below are four “buttons”, this is what the screen sits on and if you look close you see on the silver discs the pcb button pads. When the screen is pressed these pads close a circuit and act just like any other button on a regular keyboard. This however is not what produces the “click” sensation that you can see in Sal’s videos, the fact is, the screen does not actually click at all. What BT finds as he flips over the silver pads the buttons are connected to is the actual Piezo discs. What these do is when the screen is pressed, the pcb button is clicked, and the Piezo discs, all four of them, are activated and the discs pull away from the screen slightly. This allows the screen to move in just slightly and the snap of the discs moving is what gives the haptic feedback, making it feel as if the screen has truly clicked. Make sense? Bottom line in my opinion, it looks like RIM may have nailed this one, and from what those who have handled this phone, it’s great. Check out the pictures in the gallery below, and be sure to check out The BlackBerry Zone and if your on twitter shout out to britishturbo.

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