Answers to all your BlackBerry questions!

Posted on 12. Oct, 2009 by in Tech News

question_mark_3d copyHave a BlackBerry question, don’t want to call your carrier’s customer support? There’s a site for that! The guys over at let me know the other day of a great new site they’ve put up to help users find answers to specific questions they have about their BlackBerry. is unique because it allows other users to answer the questions, and earn badges and reputation points. There are already a good amount of questions over there waiting to be answered so go check it out. They range from what’s your favorite theme to suggestions for exteded battery life. BBhacker has also let me know that once you sign up, send a link to your profile page to them on twitter (@bbhacker) and you’ll receive a free copy zenminder! BBHacker is also going to award the user with the highest reputation in some way, So go check it out and answer some questions to help out your fellow user.

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  1. Veronica

    20. Oct, 2009

    my black berry curve 8310 keeps of shutting off, if i get a text or a phone call and randomly and the only way it works is if it pluged in to the chrager. if there any way or reason why this is happening please let me no

  2. George F. Santiago

    17. Nov, 2009

    I just got my BB 9700 and when my text messege come in they look like if they where Messege from the Blackberry Messenger. can i change that so the text can come in regular.