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Recently I decided I wanted to customize my BlackBerry Tour.  The easiest way to do this would to be just by a skin or a case, but I wanted something more.. something different.  I have known about ColorWare for a while, and have seen some pictures of their work and decided to go all out and fully customize my Tour.   If you are not sure what ColorWare is or does check out their website They specialize in custom painting various electronic devices, including BlackBerry’s.  They offer countless colors and options for your BlackBerry, or other electronic devices for that matter.  Read on for more on my experience and overall impressions.

The first, and in my opinion most difficult, part of the ColorWare process is deciding on what colors to have your device painted.  When I started looking at colors I was going crazy trying to decide what color to put where.  You can have them paint a total of 6 different parts of your Tour (other phones may vary) and those include:  Inner Back, Outer Back, Top, Bottom, Frame, and Sides.  By my count there are a total of 46 standard colors with the option of using your own custom colors for an additional cost.  Their website was recently updated with a new and improved design studio which shows you exactly what your phone will look like with the color(s) you have chosen.  It even has a brainstorm function to randomly choose colors and display them on the phone.

After spending hours, and that is no exaggeration, of going through different color combinations and playing with the design studio I decided on a color pattern and placed my order.  Now I should mention there are two options when getting a customized device from ColorWare; purchase a new unsubsidized device from ColorWare that they will paint before sending to you, or sending in your own device.  I chose the latter as I already have a Tour.  I packaged up my Tour, included the order sheet, and sent it off.  When you place an order they give you an estimated turn around time, mine was 2 weeks.  As soon as it was received at their facilities I was sent an email letting me know they had received it, and when I should expect it to be shipped back to me.

[Image lost in host move]

Above is a picture of the color combination I decided on in ColorWare’s design studio.

Here is how is a picture of how it turned out:

[Image lost in host move]

There is no longer any type of carrier branding on the device and ColorWare has added their logo onto the bottom of battery cover.  The paint has a high-gloss, scratch-resistant polymer-based coating which will help to protect and make sure your paint job continues to shine.  Overall the process was painless and I would recommend getting a BlackBerry, or any of the other devices listed on ColorWare’s site, treated to the highest level of personalization on the market. Currently ColorWare offers customization on the BlackBerry 9000, 8520, 9630, and 8900.  As well as the iPhone and iPod Touch for those interested.  They were prompt and on time with their delivery from the date they quoted to me.  ColorWare does offer a limited warranty on their products which can be read HERE.  Visit the ColorWare site and play around with the design studio and order your own personalized BlackBerry today!

I will post some more pictures in a gallery below of my device.  Enjoy!

  • Pearl

    A Pearl Coating which adds not only depth but a brilliant color changing effect when exposed to certain light.
  • Diamond
  • Glamour
  • Stardust
  • Zest
  • Other


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