BeeJive IM 2.0 Released Today

Posted on 16. Dec, 2009 by in Tech News

logo_htmlIf you are a fan of BeeJive IM then you probably know about the Release Candidates that have been out for a while, I have been using them and love it. Well the wait is over , the folks over at BeeJive have let us now that BeeJive IM 2.0 will release today. It offers loads of new features including:

  • Facebook chat: Chat with your Facebook friends while on the go, and see a record of your chats on
  • Clickable Twitter usernames: Click on a Twitter username in a chat to launch Twitter.
  • Refined and responsive UI: Take advantage of BeejiveIM’s custom-written user interface, offering speedy and responsive controls and a modern look-and-feel.
  • Voice notes: Instantly record and send voice messages to your IM contacts. Voice notes are perfect for on-the-go chatting, such as when you are walking down the street or need to get information to someone quickly and don’t have time to type.
  • GPS location: Send your current GPS location with a link to Google Maps, taking advantage of your BlackBerry’s location features and adding a new location-aware element to your chats.
  • More chat styles: Customize your chat styles and colors and set different backgrounds and wallpapers.
  • File transfers with all IM services: Easily send, receive, and review file attachments, and see previews of images right inside your chat.
  • Push notifications: Whether running in the foreground or the background, BeejiveIM will always notify you of new instant messages.
  • Improved Battery Life: Staying in touch with all your friends is now far gentler on your battery.
  • Support for the 5.0 OS and Storm: BeejiveIM supports all BlackBerrys running 4.2.1+ and 5.X operating systems, including the Storm and Storm 2.

These join an already long list of features, including:

  • Group chats: Chat with groups of contacts on AIM®, Yahoo®, MSN®, and Jabber.
  • UI Customization: Customize your buddy lists, chat layouts, bubble styles, and more.
  • Logging: View your chat history, and email yourself logs of your past chats.
  • Buddy Icons: Show icons for all contacts in your buddy list.
  • Clickable Hyperlinks: Click on real hyperlinks in chats, allowing you to browse, call, tweet, email, text, or PIN message directly from a chat screen.

From now until January 1, 2010, BeejiveIM for BlackBerry 2.0 will be available for fifty percent off, with device licenses available for only $9.95 and user licenses available for only $14.95 from Go check it out this is a purchase you will not regret, and make sure you purchase the User License so you can transfer it to any other BlackBerry you may own down the road.

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