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I’ve been using Sensobi for some time now and have to say it’s changed the way I think contacts should be handled. The word “Sensobi” is based on a Zen term that means “simplicity + harmony.” I talked with these guys and there goal when creating Sensobi was “to bring simplicity + harmony to your life, and help you focus on who/what matters most!”, and they have achieved it.  Sensobi loads your contacts, calls and messages the first time you run it. Then it analyzes them and ranks your contacts by importance allowing you to see who you correspond with the most, and the least. You can then schedule follow up times, the amount of time you would like to pass before calling a contact and review past activities before the call so you can always make them feel like they are top of your list. Sensobi has released today a new version that has even better integration with BlackBerry, an official Storm/Storm2 version with larger buttons, UI designed for touch screens and more. They also announced that you can now try Sensobi for free. Like I said before, this app has advanced greatly in the time that I’ve been using it and after reading their blog they have much greater things in store. They are constantly using user’s feedback and suggestions so go try it out now and let them know what you think. You can download the latest version by visiting from your BlackBerry browser and the full version is available via BlackBerry App World. Follow the guys from Sensobi on Twitter as well Continue after the jump for a video demo of Sensobi

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