Apple Announces The iPad… What Are Your Thoughts?

Posted on 27. Jan, 2010 by in Tech News

Well, all the hype and speculation can be put aside now.  There we have it.  The iPad.  Running basically a suped up iPhone OS and using a 9.7″ LED screen.  Super size my iPod touch please!  The approach Apple took was not to replace the mobile phone or the laptop, but to give consumers the best of both worlds combined .  They have a deal, again, with AT&T to provide 3G service if that is what you want.  Good move? Should have Verizon Wireless been the provider?  You can look  over the specs at

Sound off in the comment section.  Let’s hear how Apple fared today.  Come on…don’t be shy.

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14 Responses to “Apple Announces The iPad… What Are Your Thoughts?”

  1. Jason Cipriani

    27. Jan, 2010

    I will start it off since no one else is. I think Apple let a lot of people down today (surprise). They needed to have a camera w/video on this thing at a minimum to grab a bigger market. At $829 for 64gb 3G model they are really out pricing themselves.

    • John

      27. Jan, 2010

      I wan’t impressed..I’m thinking about it now…but not sure what I think …. terrible it doesn’t have flash, no camera, ATT … but no contract, and if I’m not mistaken Jobs didn’t say it was locked into ATT

  2. Kyle

    27. Jan, 2010

    ipad #fail

  3. Devin walker

    27. Jan, 2010


    #brandingfail – and the Twitterverse was not kind (though extremely funny) here

  4. David

    27. Jan, 2010

    Wasn’t impressed either, plus was expecting more news from Apple today :(

  5. Bla1ze

    28. Jan, 2010

    Over hyped…and sooo was expecting much, much more. Smdh

  6. Ankit

    28. Jan, 2010

    Do you know if the iPad has a tethering capability??

    • Jason Cipriani

      28. Jan, 2010

      I don’t think it was mentioned in the event. If I had to guess, it doesn’t. BUT that doesn’t mean it won’t be jailbroken and then will have the capability… just speculation on my part

  7. Jason Cipriani

    28. Jan, 2010

    It is SO close to being perfect

  8. Nik

    28. Jan, 2010

    I said it was gonna be a big iPhone, and it’s actually LESS; it’s a big a$$ iPod touch!

  9. Colten

    10. Feb, 2010

    Other than everything else that other people said. I was expecting that the keyboard on a new touch screen would have something cooler like swype, slide it, or shape writer. But they’re sticking with the same inefficient keyboard

    • Jason Cipriani

      10. Feb, 2010

      I think Swype would be a huge improvement over the current offering. I used Swype on an Omnia2 at CES and found it very easy to use. I have talked to other people who swear by it, look at John’s comment on the myTouch 3G story today. Having that kind of program on a bigger touchscreen would only make sense… good point!

  10. Brett

    11. Feb, 2010

    If you are not a fan of the iphone keyboard, try taking a look at the storm 2 keyboard. The surepress technology is great for typing. Stay away from the original storm though. That thing is a gitchy pile of junk. Ive had both, the new storm is waaaaay better. Faster, no glitching, wifi and way better touchscreen. Something to consider if you dont like the feather touch Iphone screen. Its heat sensitive though, so dont get one if you have long nails.

  11. hindrances

    13. Feb, 2010

    Недавно стала всё больше размышлять над такой ситуацией: а что если бы во всём мире исчез интернет. Я конечно понимаю, что интеренет сам по себе взять и исчезнуть не может, но тем не менее, если не брать во внимание все технические нюансы, и вообразить что такое возможно… Теперь не почитать новости, блоги, не найти нужную информацию в гугле, а самое страшное не выйти ни в ICQ, ни в контакт!
    И тут я поняла насколько я зависима от сети. Нет, вроде бы целыми днями перед экраном монитора не провожу, но тем не менее, день начинаю и заканчиваю и менно компьютером. Хотя, если с другой стороны посмотреть, будет больше настоящего общения, и больше времени на реальные развлечения, на саморазвитие и т.п. Хотя опять же с другой стороны, с некоторыми друзьями связаться можно только через интернет (кто живет в других городах и странах, телеон – дорого знаете ли), ну и дополн.инфо можно получить быстро, чем сидеть в библиотеках…
    А как вы, легко бы смогли перенести такую утрату?