BerryBlab Set To Be Released On February 1st

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berryblab_storm_mainmenu Awhile back we introduced you to a vBulletin BlackBerry application called BerryBlab, which was in beta at the time.  The time has come and Generation Media Group has announced they are going to be officially releasing BerryBlab on February 1st.  With BerryBlab the end user is able to fully use their favorite (as long as they have the BerryBlab plug in installed) vBulletin forum right on their BlackBerry.  This is the first application of its kind, and is sure to be a big hit once forums get word of its potential.  There are revenue sharing incentives for forum owners to incorporate BerryBlab into their site. Don’t use vBulletin for your forum?  There will be phpBB and Invision plug ins released mid-February.  The beta is still open, and will be until January 31st.  At launch will be a demo version of BerryBlab just in case you want to try it out before spending your hard earned cash.  If you know it is something you will be using a lot and want to purchase BerryBlab you can pick it up for $2.99 on on February 1st, 2010.  To see a full list of the forums currently using the BerryBlab plug-in click HERE.

A quick run down of the features:

“BerryBlab is a feature-rich product which allows the user to access multiple forums in one software package via an intuitive interface. BerryBlab offers the features you would expect from a native forum application including; view forums, sub forums, threads, private messages, latest threads and subscribed threads. The ease is comparable to viewing your email on your device.
It’s not only viewing a forum that’s made easier. BerryBlab also offers the user complete interaction with a forum. From the BerryBlab interface, users can quickly create new topics, posts, private messages and manage thread subscriptions.”

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Generation Media Group prides itself on its development, testing and urgent response to technical inquiries. Generation Media Group’s in house testing department ensures that BerryBlab will be compatible with all BlackBerry devices with OS 4.5 and forward.

BerryBlab works with all worldwide mobile networks and supports all connection types including; WiFi, BIS, BES and MDS.

Generation Media Group has developed two variants of BerryBlab to support both keyboard and touchscreen devices. This includes (but not limited to):

BlackBerry 9700 (Bold) BlackBerry 9630/9650 (Tour) BlackBerry 9550/9520 (Storm2) BlackBerry 9530/9530T (Storm) BlackBerry 9500 (Storm) BlackBerry 9100 (Pearl) BlackBerry 9000 (Bold) BlackBerry 8930 (Curve) BlackBerry 8900 (Curve) BlackBerry 88XX BlackBerry 8700+ BlackBerry 85XX (Curve) BlackBerry 83XX (Curve) BlackBerry 82XX (Pearl Flip) BlackBerry 81XX (Pearl)

Publishers / Forum Owners BerryBlab requires a FREE and easy to use forum plugin to be installed by the forum administrator to activate BerryBlab.

BerryBlab plugin currently supports vBulletin 3.7, 3.8 and 4.0. Generation Media Group is currently developing phpBB and Invision board plugins which will be released mid – February.

All forum owners that have registered to use BerryBlab before February 1st, 2010 will receive one free copy of BerryBlab.

Publishers Affiliate Program

Generation Media Group offers the only affiliate program to forum owners for software of this type. By referring traffic to our BerryBlab product, our partners earn recurring commissions for the lifetime revenue generated by those purchasing BerryBlab.

Forum owners who have signed up to the BerryBlab network will be able to find details on our affiliate program via the Members area at on February 1st, 2010.


Generation Media Group offers custom branded BerryBlab applications for website owners. Co- Brand BerryBlab for promotion of your own forum and / or service(s).

Please contact Generation Media Group directly for more information regarding Branding.

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