TouchScreen BlackBerry With Keyboard Smiles For Camera

Posted on 21. Jan, 2010 by in BlackBerry

UPDATE: CrackBerry has posted some more insight into what device this actually is:  This is DEFINITELY one of the older pre-dakota prototypes (ie. magnum). Don’t expect to be buying this exact device anytime soon (errr.. never). But something nicer and updated is in the works!” Good news and bad news all rolled into one comment. Carry on.

There have been rumors about RIM working on a touchscreen/keyboard hybrid device for awhile now.  Many people, myself included, have said that this is the ideal combination for a BlackBerry device.  Late tonight @cellguru posted some pictures of such a device on his TweetPhoto account for his followers to drool over.  As of now a model number or device name is unknown.  Once more details come in we will be sure to update you.  One more picture after the break.

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One Response to “TouchScreen BlackBerry With Keyboard Smiles For Camera”

  1. Rodrigo Montoya

    11. Feb, 2010

    I have an Android with Verizon, and it is not all that. Apps are terrible, to many force closes, very slow. It is just not the same as an iPhone. The iPhone is still 5 years ahead of every one else. Verizon service is getting slower and slower and customer service sucks. We need a carrier that will step up and provide the service. The iPhone is the best hands down.