CES: More Details About The inPulse SmartWatch For BlackBerry

Posted on 15. Jan, 2010 by in BlackBerry

While at CES 2010 we had a chance to sit down with the people from Allerta, the creators of the inPulse SmartWatch for BlackBerry. They were kind enough to take time away from the show floor to meet with us, even after we had already interviewed them when the watch was announced. Although it was unfortunate we did not get to see a working model of the watch, we did get to see two different representations of the watch. They were identical in size, with the only difference being how the metal housing was finished. There was a polished version and a roughed up version, at the time of the interview they weren’t quite sure what finish they would be going with. The size of the watch was a great size, the screen is going to be big enough for an ample amount of text to be displayed, yet not too small to where the end user will not be able to read anything at all.

The most intriguing part of the watch is the customization capabilities. Allerta has built an application from the ground up that will use a custom Bluetooth profile to communicate with the watch. It will provide the user the option to be alerted to new sms, email, and yes even BlackBerry Messenger messages. Alerts can be set for each category and also can be set for different contacts and/or situations. The user will have an option of creating a white or black list with specific rules of how they want to be alerted of an incoming message. For example; if the user wants to be alerted to emails from their boss by the watch both lighting up and vibrating, while all remaining emails only vibrate on the watch the BlackBerry application for the watch will allow them to do it.

After seeing the watch and hearing everything it has to offer our excitement level has grown. This watch is going to change how BlackBerry addicts use their phone. You can find more info regarding the inPulse watch on their site, and even pre-order the watch. The first 1000 have been spoken for at this point and should begin arriving towards the end of February.

Big thanks to Eric and Rahul for meeting with us, two great guys with a great idea. Best of luck to you!

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