inPulse SmartWatch For BlackBerry Deposit Process Explained- Slight Delay In Release

Posted on 29. Jan, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Tech News

Allerta has just sent out an email to all of those who had signed up for the pre-order of the inPulse SmartWatch for BlackBerry.  The email states there has been a slight delay in production and the inPulse watches will now be shipped in March, not February as originally stated.  Below is an outline of the deposit and shipping process.  My CC is ready.. just tell me where to sign!!!

  1. If you received a pre-order confirmation email before December 17, 2009 (search your email for a message from ‘’), you will receive a ‘deposit email’ during the 3rd week of February from our email address Please ensure that you can receive email from this address (don’t let it go to your spam folder!). For those of you who pre-ordered after Dec 17, you will continue to receive these monthly emails and we will alert you when we’re ready to take a deposit.
  2. In the deposit email, you will receive a confirmation code and a link to our shopping cart system. The only item in your cart will be a 10% deposit (or $15 per inPulse smartwatch). You will have 10 days to place the deposit.
  3. We accept VISA and Mastercard. US customers will be charged in USD, Canadian customers in CAD. If these payment formats are impossible for you, please email for assistance.
  4. Before confirming your deposit, you will have the opportunity to update your personal information (including your preferred email and physical address).
  5. After placing the deposit, you will receive a confirmation email from
  6. Four to six weeks after placing your deposit, your inPulse smartwatch will be ready for shipping! Once again, we will email you from and ask you to initiate payment for the remaining 90%. As soon as you complete this, we’ll process your shipment and your inPulse will be on your wrist as soon as possible!

- If you have not paid a deposit after 10 days, you will be moved from the main pre-order list to a secondary list. A customer from the second pre-order batch will be offered your place in line.
- Your 10% deposit is refundable at any time. You will be able to email to request a refund.

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