Follow Up: My ColorWare Experience

Posted on 09. Feb, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Product Reviews

Awhile back I wrote up a review on my experience with giving my BlackBerry Tour the ColorWare treatment.  I am more than pleased with the quality and workmanship on the phone, and have received many compliments stating the same (especially during CES).  A couple of weeks ago, my world about crumbled down around me.  I was applying a skin I had received for review after CES. It was the kind of skin that you could peel off and reapply if you mess up.  Well, I wasn’t happy with one piece on my Tour so I decided to reapply it.  That is when tragedy struck. A one inch section of paint came off, still attached to the skin.  I almost cried.. literally almost cried.  I was sure that it was my fault and when I went to ColorWare they were going to tell me it wasn’t covered and that I needed to either deal with it, or pay to get it repaired.   So I sheepishly emailed ColorWare and they proceeded to tell me that they advise to avoid applying a skin for 60-90 days due to possible chemical reaction.  Queue tears.  They were kind enough to offer for me to send it in and they would take a look at it.  So I did, and waited impatiently patiently to hear back.

A couple days later the ColorWare folks begin by telling me they were able to remove the rest of the skin without taking any more paint off.  Then they did something I did not see coming, they offered to fix it for free! Bye bye tears.

Now, I need to say that ColorWare reviews cases like these on a case by case basis and in no way am I saying that they will fix anything you send in.  The picture above is of the damage, it is blurry and shaky because my hands were so shaky and I didn’t think about taking another picture before I sent it in.  I love when companies step to the plate and go above what you would expect them to do.  ColorWare could have easily told me that I would be held responsible for the issue and to pay the price.  Kudos to ColorWare!

Make sure you check out ColorWare, quality work by a quality company.


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