Google Comes To Their Senses And Offers Customer Support Number For Nexus One Users

Posted on 09. Feb, 2010 by in Tech News

I had been contemplating writing a story about my horrible experience with ordering a Nexus One, which resulted in me just ordering it at full price due to Google’s ordering system only allowing that order method.  I was going to complain and explain why Google was in the wrong for not offering a phone number to call and talk to someone at Google about their ordering issues.  As of yesterday, if a potential customer had issues with the order process they were told to call T-Mobile or submit a question via email to Google.  When I called T-Mobile customer care I was told after an hour long call that it was not their issue and they have nothing to do with the order process, all of that was on Google.  They then give you HTC’s phone number, since Google didn’t have one.  HTC tells you it isn’t their issue and to email Google.  See how this all works, not all that convenient and easy for someone to order the phone..unless they get so frustrated they just order it at full price, then the system works flawlessly.  Shenanigans I tell ya.

As I sat here ready to write my “Google Experience” article I see a story on TechCrunch about how Google has announced a support telephone number where customers who are having issues can call and talk to a true to life Google employee. Well played Google, well played.  So here is the run down, it appears only customers who are having issues with the order process and/or shipping questions can call.  All others are still referred to either HTC or T-Mobile.  You can call 1-888-48-NEXUS between 7am and 10pm EST.  Just have your order number handy. One other thing worth mentioning is that Google has dropped their part of the ETF for purchasing the Nexus One at a discounted price.  Instead of $350 it has been dropped down to $150.  Some solid strides in way of customer support today from Google.

Oh and no hard feelings Google, you forcing me into a full price phone actually saves me money each month and I don’t have to sign a contract.


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