Google Continues On Path Of World Dominance-To Build Own Fiber Network 1Gb Per Second Speeds!?

Posted on 10. Feb, 2010 by in Tech News

Google, do you they really want to take over the world?  We have all joked about it.  Their latest announcement may bring them one step closer.  Yesterday Google released a video on YouTube announcing their plans to begin testing and implementing an ultra high speed broadband network in the United States.  They claim their goal is to achieve up to 1Gb per second speeds with 50,000 users, having the potential to go up to 500,000 users.  They also state they are going to share their network with other service providers so the end customer can choose their own provider.  Watch the video, how do you feel about it?  Does Google already have their hands on enough of our information this won’t matter?

Thanks @phikai for sending this in!

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