Speculation: What If This Was RIM’s Next BlackBerry OS??

Posted on 25. Feb, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Rumors

Earlier today we reminded you about the Super App webcast RIM was holding for developers.  Our friend @kfow35 was on the webcast and sent me a couple pictures that caught his eye.  The picture shows a BlackBerry Storm with a screen like I have never seen before.  I seriously doubt RIM would let a picture of a yet to be announced OS leak on one of their own webcasts, so let’s play devils advocate.  What if RIM’s new OS, OS 6.0 or whatever it will end up being called, looks like this? It appears there are “cards” along the bottom that update in the background, which are linked to social applications.  I concede that there is not a lot to go off of here I just want to open a discussion on your thoughts about this screen and if RIM was to come out with something similar to this as an OS how it would fair.

The full slide from the webcast is below to show the context it was shown in.  I take it as they are showing a Super App that would incorporate as much as possible from the native BlackBerry OS, just giving it a different look and feel.  So let’s hear it.. have some fun with this guys.

3 Responses to “Speculation: What If This Was RIM’s Next BlackBerry OS??”

  1. lukesvenn

    25. Feb, 2010

    if this is the new 6.0, it’s pretty wicked….but a major concern is how this would intergrate on a bb with a full qwerty keyboard.

    • Jason Cipriani

      25. Feb, 2010

      Its doubtful this is how it would look. But interesting to see a bb look like this.

  2. Ronen

    26. Feb, 2010

    Sadly that is not RIM’s new OS just a sample widget they created for DevCon and were showing off last year. Looks pretty nice