WordPress 2.2 Now Available For iPhone

Posted on 09. Feb, 2010 by in Tech News

Granted, I’m not much of an iPhone user aside from the fact I have one and I update the apps here and there. As you can see from the picture, I don’t even leave a SIM card in it. I just use the built in WiFi and use it that way. That said, when I do go out I often bring it with me to use while grabbing a Starbucks and often use the WordPress application on it.  Automattic has recently updated the dedicated WordPress app to version 2.2. While it’s not a huge release it does bring with it some changes to the comments system which allows editing and highlighting of new comments.

Overall, as a user you should find these are welcome changes as they better the mobile blogging experience. Sadly, the biggest issue I still have with the app has not been adjusted and that’s the placement of pictures when posting. While work arounds for it are easy, it would just be better if the app placed pics at the top, instead of at the bottom of articles. I think anyways. The latest update is available in the iTunes app store now for free, as always.

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3 Responses to “WordPress 2.2 Now Available For iPhone”

  1. kyle

    09. Feb, 2010

    welcome to berryscoop bla1ze, good to see you here

    • bla1ze

      09. Feb, 2010

      Thanks, appreciate it. I’ll be doing the occasional post non BB related. :)

      • Jason Cipriani

        09. Feb, 2010

        We are very excited to have bla1ze contribute from time to time.. welcome to BerryScoop indeed