Add your BBM PIN barcode to your Facebook profile!!

Posted on 18. Mar, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Tech News

The BlackBerry Facebook Page posted a note this morning announcing a new Facebook app that allows you to put your BlackBerry PIN on your facebook profile.

It’s simple to use, all you do is enter your BlackBerry PIN to generate your unique barcode your friends can scan to chat with you instantly. It’s easy to do and you can show it off it in three fun ways:
1. Show it off on your Facebook profile pic
2. Feature it on your Facebook profile page
3. Share it on your BlackBerry screen
Make one now:

Go check it out, and post the link to yours in the comments.

Source: BlackBerry Notes on Facebook

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2 Responses to “Add your BBM PIN barcode to your Facebook profile!!”

  1. The Nooge

    20. Mar, 2010

    Just did this, god i feel like a nerd … works pretty good, if your trying to post the barcode as part of your profile picture, after you finish you’ll have to go to your notifications and approve the image, and then select it from there as your profile picture

  2. Asante

    20. Mar, 2010

    This looks pretty gangster. I’m going to make me one. I wish I could just double space and make a period like i do on my bb