Backup Assistant For BlackBerry Shows Up On Verizon Tour

Posted on 30. Mar, 2010 by in BlackBerry

Awhile back we brought the Scoop to you that Backup Assistant was expected to be released by Verizon on March 9th for BlackBerry smartphones.  Obviously the date we reported was a little off.  After my OS upgrade this morning I had a new icon, and wouldn’t you know it it was for Backup Assistant.  Now, we can’t confirm it is on any device other than the Tour right now and according to our sources the Tour is all that is scheduled for initial release.  If you have it showing up on a different device, please let us know!  Remember, if the icon is not showing up on your device for you to download the application, resend your service books and it should show up.  You can read more about the Backup Assistant service on Verizon’s site.

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5 Responses to “Backup Assistant For BlackBerry Shows Up On Verizon Tour”

  1. bill

    21. Apr, 2010

    Showed up this morning on my storm 2 along with NFL mobile.

  2. kim

    24. Apr, 2010

    Showed up on my curve2 the other day with the NFL mobile also. I can’t seem to get rid of either one and I’m not sure I appreciate just dumping things on my phone. At the same time i saw this crap i discovered that my carefully set up ring tones had all been deleted…coincidence? maybe. am i happy…..absolutely NOT.

  3. Jason

    27. Apr, 2010

    Just showed up on my Storm 1.

  4. mike G

    27. Apr, 2010

    Showed up on my storm when I deleated twitter? The app took my twitter spot?

  5. StormTrooper

    28. Apr, 2010

    Like Jason, on Storm 1. Doubt it’s related to deleting twitter. Seems to occur after a restart when the BB reconnects with the network.

    Not happy about pushing onto the BB by Verizon. More frustrated about only being able to Hide and not Delete the icon/link. Also, not really please with limited memory for apps on Storm considering I have few on it. Tried Urban Spoon last month but had to restart 4-5 times a day due to limited memory. Deleted it. Tried NFL Mobile and again, having to restart multiple times. Ugh.