BerryBuzz Updated To version 2.2.11

Posted on 15. Mar, 2010 by in BlackBerry

I love waking up to emails that tell me my favorite app has updated, and the update includes an much needed improvement.  That was the case this morning with an email letting me know that BerryBuzz has been updated to version 2.2.11.  The more than welcome updates include the ability to back up your current settings to your media card.  This was my biggest pet peeve for BerryBuzz.  The other enhancements include added support for BerryWeather and GoogleMail App as well as notifications will be canceled when messages are marked as opened (by two-way sync/BES).  In case you aren’t sure what BerryBuzz does here is a brief rundown.  BerryBuzz will allow you to change the color of the LED alert on your BlackBerry depending on what email account or application wants to get your attention.  For example, for BlackBerry Messenger I have a blue light, for SMS its yellow, BerryScoop email is green..and so on.  When asked what my favorite BlackBerry app is, hands down it is BerryBuzz.

The upgrade is free for existing 2.0 customers or for $5.95 for new customers in the MobiHand store.

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