Updated: Almost Confirmed, BlackBerry Bold Slider!

Posted on 03. Mar, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Rumors

Update: More photos have surfaced, and more info has come to light in the past few days also, it seems like all things point to this being the 9700a (doubt that will be the final model number) or RIM’s newest addition to Bold line of GSM phones.

You can chalk this one up as far-fetched in my opinion, but the guys over at BBLeaks.com have come across some interesting images of what is supposed to be a BlackBerry touchscreen with a slide out keyboard. The overall design of the body does look like it follows in line with the direction RIM has been headed with their smartphone devices, but the images are blurry at best. It looks like the trackpad and soft keys follow the current Curve’s style cues as opposed to the Storm2 softkeys and screen combination.

I am not sure why the track pad would be needed on a touchscreen device, it seems like it would make more sense to have a full touchscreen with a keyboard that slides out when needed, seems to me that adding a trackpad would encourage having the keyboard out at all times. ┬áThis is all purely speculation on my part and I have no idea what these pictures show, or don’t show. It could be a discontinued prototype, it could be photoshopped, or it could be the next type of smartphone RIM is planning on releasing. ┬áThat being said it seems more likely that this is not a touchscreen device at all, but instead a non-touchscreen device with a large screen and slide-out keyboard. Either way, I feel RIM should focus more on nailing down their software keyboard as opposed to adding a hardware keyboard to a touchscreen device. I have been using a Motorola Droid lately and I have become painfully aware at how much the Storm2′s keyboard is lacking. It will be interesting to see what RIM has in store for us in the months to come.

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