UPDATED:BlackBerry Storm2 Screen Improved-Verizon Wireless Returning Current Stock

Posted on 03. Mar, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Rumors

2nd Update: We just got a screen of the email.. Really makes me wonder what was wrong with the original version and how long the problem has existed.

Update:  A source has told me that there hasn’t been clarification if it affects all past units.  They did say that there have been a lot of units having issues with the lower left hand corner of the screen and were being returned as DOA, before even leaving with a customer.  Anyone had an issue with their lower left (or right) hand corner of their screen on the Storm2?

I just got word from two different sources that RIM is sending out improved BlackBerry Storm2 9550′s to replace current stock in Verizon Wireless stores.  The stores have been directed to return their current stock once they new units arrive, which is supposed to be today.  The new units sport “new device hardware and improved touchpad performance”.   This is the first I have heard of the Storm2 having issues with the screen, and there is no word on if the issue effects units sold to this point.  I am trying to get more information on this and will update the story as it comes in.

Thanks anonymous!

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13 Responses to “UPDATED:BlackBerry Storm2 Screen Improved-Verizon Wireless Returning Current Stock”

  1. Jeffrey

    03. Mar, 2010

    Yup, my call buton sometimes locks up just like @Natemz. Looks like I too will be paying a visit soon.

  2. horangi7

    03. Mar, 2010

    Have had mine since they came out with no issues

  3. Natemz

    03. Mar, 2010

    Yep, my lower left locks up all the time. Sounds like a trip to the VZW store is in order.

  4. sabeluv

    04. Mar, 2010

    is this just for new storm. I had my storm for 3 months and I noticed it as well with the call button

  5. skriley

    04. Mar, 2010

    I only notice the problem when my phone is on vibrate and a call comes in. I have to wait between vibrations before it will let me answer the call.

  6. sabeluv

    05. Mar, 2010

    yes skriley Mine does that too. or when it rings and i push talk button it does nothing and then I have a miss call. so will they exchange it even after i had my phone for 3 months

  7. D207

    08. Mar, 2010

    I have had the same problem with mine and I returned it to Verizon store and they told me they would ship me out one.
    I just received mine today Monday March 8th. I did notice on the inside box that it had a yellow and green sticker dot. What does the yellow dot mean? I know the green is for the updated hardware. (I Hope)
    Can someone give me a clue as to what the yellow dot means?
    All I got was just the phone with SIM card and battery cover ONLY.

  8. roger

    10. Mar, 2010

    It is very difficult to click the whole bottom row of buttons but particularly on the left side. Glad to hear it isn’t just my phone that’s doing it.

  9. ktm

    11. Mar, 2010

    Same problem here. The lower left hand corner of the screen at times becomes impossible to click. Sometimes it works fine. Not sure what causes it to vary so much.

  10. Dougui

    12. Mar, 2010


  11. jds

    12. Mar, 2010

    Ditto, bottom row either gets stuck, or double clicks

  12. Steve

    12. Mar, 2010

    WoW! I am so glad that I am not the only one!!

    Just had my Storm 2 for about 2 weeks and absolutely love it, but quite often the bottom row of buttons, particulalrly the left side, will just refuse to work.

    I have even experienced a glitch where I am using an App and I want to bring up the menu using the BB Menu button and it CLOSES the App instead!! Most annoying!

  13. Julie

    13. Mar, 2010

    yup same here. Has been getting worse. Replacement (refurbished) enroute. I hope this is the last problem!