Contest Update: 100 Unlock Codes From CellUnlock-Codes Still Available

Posted on 02. Mar, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Product Reviews

We started a contest last week for 1oo unlock codes for any BlackBerry on any network courtesy of  We have reached roughly 75 entries and still have 25 codes up for grabs.  The contest was set to send last Sunday, the 28th, but instead we are going to keep it open until all 100 codes are taken.  So leave a comment and get your BlackBerry unlocked!

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19 Responses to “Contest Update: 100 Unlock Codes From CellUnlock-Codes Still Available”

  1. chris libardi

    02. Mar, 2010

    Pick me I want an unlock code!!!!!!!

  2. Angus

    02. Mar, 2010

    Woo hoo… a free BB unlock code!?! I want one!!! Thanks for extending the contest! You guys ROCK!!

  3. ewanjrc

    02. Mar, 2010

    ill take one

  4. keef

    02. Mar, 2010

    Interesting.. I’ll be more than happy to take one of those off your hands. O.o

  5. kaalaberry

    02. Mar, 2010

    awesome! thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Daisy Valdez

    03. Mar, 2010

    Unlock code please!!?

  7. Maleni Haye

    03. Mar, 2010

    Can i have one please!!!!!!!

  8. SmoothG

    03. Mar, 2010

    ooo please let me win!!!

  9. Brendon Davis-Bailey

    03. Mar, 2010

    Hey unlock code please

  10. sabeluv

    04. Mar, 2010

    I would like the unlock code for my Storm 2 . switching work and new job provides new phone but still want to use storm 2. new work uses ATT. After all i bought it from Verizonl.

  11. marc trujillo

    04. Mar, 2010

    Email me unlock code please.

  12. Tashanna

    04. Mar, 2010

    I would love an unlock code

  13. John Juska

    05. Mar, 2010

    If there are any left I’ll definately take one for my Storm 1

  14. Mikey C.

    09. Mar, 2010

    Sweet , I’d love one too !

  15. ReyJ

    10. Mar, 2010

    Great! It’s gonna be a nice birthday gift if I could have one for my BB 9700.

  16. Scott

    13. Mar, 2010

    I’ve always wanted to do this in order to give me a bit more flexibility.

  17. Kendal Boucher

    13. Mar, 2010

    id like to unlock my bold 9700

  18. William

    15. Mar, 2010

    since your just giving it away, I can help you out and take one :)

  19. kavita

    27. Mar, 2010

    i would love one also…god bless!