Google Voice for Android Gets Near-Instant Notifications

Posted on 23. Mar, 2010 by in Tech News

I’ve been using the Verizon Droid now for about two months and have come to rely heavily on it because of the near perfect Google integration. Our friend Obi [Oh-bahy] tipped us off to this announcement from the Google Voice Blog and today Android takes another step towards perfection. The Google Voice Blog announced earlier that Google Voice for Android just got a whole lot faster with Inbox Synchronization. Until now the Google Voice app updated about evrey 15 minutes which meant that I usually would get the email notification of a message before the Google Voice Notification or I would get the forwarded SMS on the phone. This annoyance has also been resolved by Google Voice automatically disabling SMS forwarding to the mobile phone that the app is installed on. Now with Inbox Synchronization that update time is down to mere seconds.They have also integrated the app into the Contacts application so that you can click the contact photo and respond to voice-mail instantly. Now if they would only integrate these features in the Google Voice for BlackBerry app, my life would be complete….almost. Click through for more info.

To activate Inbox synchronization, open the Google Voice settings on your phone and touch Refresh and notification. Once you have selected the Synchronize Inbox option, you will start receiving faster notifications. Plus, Google Voice will automatically disable SMS forwarding to your mobile phone, so you won’t receive duplicate notifications.

Finally, we have made it much faster to interact with your contacts from the Google Voice app. Now you can click on any contact photo and get the option to quickly respond to voicemail by email or IM.

The updated app is available for download from Android Market today. You will need a valid Google Voice account to use the app, and at this time, Google Voice is available in the US only.

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