HootSuite For Android Available In Android Market

Posted on 02. Mar, 2010 by in Tech News

HootSuite has realeased their latest mobile client, this time for Android.  HootSuite allows users to create a profile that will allow them to maintain multiple Twitter accounts in one application.  You can set up searches for your product/company names, track statistics related to Twitter and your company, schedule tweets to be sent at a later time, as well as many more features and benefits.  I have used HootSuite off and on to help monitor both the BerryScoop Twitter account as well as my developer site.  I really like the web layout and design, but couldn’t get use to the fact that I had to sign into a web page in order to use it, I prefer a desktop client.  With HootSuite bringing their solution to more mobile platforms I believe I will find myself using the application and service a lot more.  I can set custom alerts for different searches and the application will alert me once it returns a new result.  Contest reminders can be scheduled on the go instead of having to wait till I got to a computer to schedule them.  The Android HootSuite application is available right now in the Android Market with two different versions.  There is a lite (free) or a full version for $1.99.

Visit hootsuite.com/android for more details.

The following links work on your Android device to take you to HootSuite in the Android Market

HootSuite for Android
HootSuite for Android Lite

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