I Ordered An iPad… Now What?

Posted on 13. Mar, 2010 by in Tech News

This last Friday the long awaited, much debated Apple iPad went on sale as a pre-order item. The Wi-Fi only versions are set to arrive in homes and in stores on April 3rd. There have been estimates that over 90,000 120,000 iPads were ordered on the first day of sales, staggering numbers. It is safe to say that a lot of people are looking forward to the iPad and incorporating it into their daily life, with myself being one of them.

Leading up to the day of pre-order I had gone back and forth on getting one, what could I use it for.. What would I use it for? To me the answer wasn’t really all that clear, but I knew this was a product I wanted. I guess part of me figured I would be able to incorporate it into my life and make one more segment of my life that much easier, but I wasn’t sure what segment that was quiet yet. So I made sure to be up in time on Friday to order the base model iPad (16GB Wi-Fi). At first I was really excited, just like I always get after ordering a new electronic device. You know what I’m talking about, that brief moment of euphoria right after pressing the checkout button, which usually stops the moment you realize your credit card bill next month is going to hurt. After completing my enjoyable purchase, and realizing the credit card bill wouldn’t be as enjoyable, I was asked “what exactly are you going to use it for?” My immediate response was that’s a dumb question.  But really, was it?  I currently own a MacBook Pro, BlackBerry Tour, Nexus One, and iPod Touch all of which are carried with me the majority of the time.  How am I going to use the iPad differently than any of those devices? Great question.

To be honest, right now, I am not fully sure how I will use the iPad any differently than the devices I currently have.  I know one thing I plan on really diving into is the iBook portion of it, I would love to be able to put my college text books, personal books, and maybe a magazine or two on it.  Other than that, I am at a loss.  Yes, there are over 150,000 applications in the App Store I can purchase and load on the iPad, and yes it does convert the current apps for the bigger screen, but none of them are currently made specifically for the iPad.  None of them are made to fully utilize the iPad.  I know this will change around launch, I would hope that developers are eager to implement and customize their applications for Apple’s latest and greatest.  I guess in the end, that is what I am banking on, the hope that developers will maximize the potential of the iPad beyond what was seen in the dog and pony show during its announcement.  I find myself continuing to ask myself “So I bought an iPad.. now what?”  I really hope once I receive the iPad it will all be a little clearer.  Until then I will keep asking myself the million dollar question, hoping the next big announcement or breaking iPad story answers it before hand.

Have you ordered an iPad and are thinking the same thing?  Maybe you didn’t order one because you are thinking the same thing.  Or are you one of those that ordered it and know exactly what your going to use it for.  No matter what boat you are in, I would love to hear your ideas.

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4 Responses to “I Ordered An iPad… Now What?”

  1. Obi

    13. Mar, 2010

    iPad is just a normal size iPod for Simon Sage :p

    • Jason Cipriani

      14. Mar, 2010

      Too bad they don’t ship international yet

  2. John

    13. Mar, 2010


  3. Kyle

    14. Mar, 2010

    great post, ive been asking myself the same question and realized that there is no spot in my life this could fill. i am on the other hand excited about the Lenovo U1 hybrid laptop/tablet. i think that fills exactly what i need, comfortable laptop and then the now and then tablet mode.