Motorola Droid Long Term Review

Posted on 29. Mar, 2010 by in Product Reviews, Tech News

I’ve been using the Motorola Droid for a few months now and I absolutely love this device. It’s been available on Verizon for quite a while now and in my opinion is the phone to get on Verizon. I have been a die-hard BlackBerry user for a while and this phone could replace my BlackBerry. That being said, lets look at what’s so great about it.


The hardware, I could take or leave. Motorola has come up with a very nice piece of hardware with the Droid. The screen is beautiful, and I had no problem watching videos on it. The one complaint I had was that viewing the screen in sunlight was difficult because of the reflection. The hardware keyboard was there for the times where I really needed it, which was nice, but after using a BlackBerry for so long I could not get used to this keyboard. Battery life was decent, I could use the device heavily all day without a charge but I wouldn’t expect more than that out of it. I got about 8-10 hours of use from the battery on a full charge to a dead battery. It comes with a 5MP camera with auto focus, but the picture quality was not great. It isn’t a camera though, so in that respect it’s a great quality camera for a phone. Overall the device is clean looking, the keyboard is nice to have for the times when you just need a hardware keyboard and the screen is great.

This is where this Droid shines. Droid ships with Android 2.0 with Google and I am sold. I use Google Apps for this site, and for work as well as the two Gmail accounts I have. In the past with other devices the Google integration has been lacking. With Android 2.0 it’s spot on. My problem with Android 1.6 which shipped on the Devor and Droid Eris is that you can only have one Google Account set up in the email app at a time, this is a problem for me as I have multiple. With Android 2.0 you can have as many accounts as you like. Google Voice integration is also remarkable, I have gone to using my Google Voice number almost exclusively for work and Android has made that possible with near seamless making and receiving calls via Google Voice app. I will say that if you do not use Google as much as I do I can see where this phone would not be as impressive.
It’s synchronization with IMAP or Exchange email accounts is sub-par to say the least and all of the app purchases have to use Google Checkout so if your a Pay-Pal user it won’t help you here. The amount of customization is unreal for Android, being that it’s open source. You can do just about anything you can think of with it, assuming that you “root” the device. Over all I love this device, I will say that in reality it’s the Android platform that I truly love. I cannot wait until the Nexus One for Verizon releases. It will then replace the Droid as the Verizon phone to get. If you want to check it out head on over to Verizon Wireless.

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21 Responses to “Motorola Droid Long Term Review”

  1. droidberryma

    29. Mar, 2010

    Great review! The Droid is definitely a great device.

  2. Steven

    29. Mar, 2010

    Like yourself I absolutely love my Motorola Droid, though I haven’t figured out how to forward text messages yet. Otherwise this being my first smart phone it is kick ass

    • Dave

      29. Mar, 2010

      Most have difficulty figuring this out. It is quite simple and easy to get to but obviously motorola failed to provide proper documentation. All you do is once you have the text you want to forward on the screen long press on the text which will bring up a menu that gives you many options one of which is to forward the text. Hope this helps

  3. Kemal

    29. Mar, 2010

    I also own and love a Droid phone, but cannot wait for the Evo to come over to Verizon. I may just switch to Sprint even though I left them for Verizon.

  4. Kemal

    29. Mar, 2010

    Handcent is a replacement SMS app for Android that allows you to forward texts. I use it all the time and no longer use the stock text tool that came with the phone.

  5. Sonny

    29. Mar, 2010

    I disagree on the camera quality. I just finished a weekend trip to the beach with dogs and the camera took amazing pictures of the dogs, even a couple action shots where one of the dogs was airborne. My blurry rate was roughly one in 20 whereas my last camera phone was more like 2 out of 3.

    I rarely watch videos in direct sun. I imagine I will do that at a dog park, on the bus, on a plane, in the car, etc. I’m happy with the tradeoff considering the screen’s vibrancy.

    I just wish it would allow me to make a wifi hotspot out of it so that I can buy an iPod Touch and feed it internet for those apps that are not yet available on the Android.

    I also wish there were a few customizable hardware buttons available a la WinMo.

  6. Mark

    29. Mar, 2010

    @ Steven…re: text message forwarding

    Long press on the text message you want to forward. A menu will pop up that will give you the option to forward the message.

  7. Mark

    29. Mar, 2010

    Good review John! It’s nice to see someone write something nice about the Droid with all of the recent chatter about the 2.1 OTA delays…I have had the Droid since the day it came out and am happy with it. The 2.1 OTA will be nice when it comes, but the Droid is already a great device using 2.0.1. If there are specific functions a Droid user wants and doesn’t want to wait for the 2.1 OTA to get them, then the user is free to search amongst the numerous apps and mods to find something that does what the user wants. While it is disappointing that the update has been announced and delayed a couple times, it is not something that will cause you to become born again when you finally receive it. For those that are threatening defection, go for it! (sarcasm on)The iPhone/AT&T combo is absolutely perfect and has never had nor will it ever have ANY issues or disappointment experienced by their customers 

  8. noo

    29. Mar, 2010

    the phone seems bad

    • jo

      29. Mar, 2010

      sexy phone

  9. d delfer

    29. Mar, 2010

    I just got the phone and can’t figure out why it speaks Droid sometimes out of the blue. Doesn’t anyone know why?

    • Andrew

      30. Mar, 2010

      The classic “DROID” sound is the setting for many of the alert tones. Each time you get a new notification it usually chimes in “DROOOID”. You’ll have to go under each app and change the notification tone to something a little “warmer” than the bone-chilling droid sound.

  10. jack

    29. Mar, 2010

    you forgot to mention the camera brightness is absolutely terrible.. on my old phone i used to be able to film my girlfriend and show my friends but this ones so dark you cant see anything even in a normally lit room.. terrible

  11. Tommy Myles

    30. Mar, 2010

    I have the Motorola droid as well as several HTC Eris phones. After the Android 2.1 software upgrade ,the Eris is only missing the physical key board. The touch screen is more than I ever received from my blackberry.
    The Motorola will always be my main phone and with updates over the coming years,this device is the phone for most of the communication public. Verizon has surprized me with incredible customer service and as much as I have admired AT&T, I am spreading the great attrbutes of a service provider which delivers quality performances that should be mirrored by all service providers. I love Android phones !

  12. CP

    30. Mar, 2010

    I’m having issue when I’m talking and it mute me out, I can here the other person, but they can’t hear me.. When I look at the phone the mute lite is not on.. I took it to the store,but they couldn’t help me..
    Anyone having the same problem?

    • RBC

      30. Mar, 2010

      I have the same problem with the mute button. I was hoping there was a way to disable it?

  13. mona

    30. Mar, 2010

    I have the same problem. I am really starting to hate the phone because it happens in about 90% of my calls. I have figured out that a lot of the times I must accidentally hit the “add call” button on the screen and it puts me into a screen where I can make another phone call. If I hit the back button, it usually takes me back to the phone call, or I hit the phone icon and “return to the call in progress”. My phone is very very sensitive and every time I touch it I accidentally call someone . It is very difficult to talk on without accidentally activating something on the screen. The Verizon’s store claims everyone loves this phone and that they have not had these problems reported. Am I the only one????

    • B

      06. Apr, 2010

      I have noticed every time I talk with the phone against my shoulder (while I am carrying things) no one can hear me I take it back and they can. The aps and such are great however, the phone itself as a phone is really subpar to say the least. I actually think I am going to take it back and get a phone that works not just one with cool aps!

  14. vanessa

    01. Apr, 2010

    You can lock the screen while on a call this will avoid muting or disconnecting the call. To lock the screen you can push the on or off button, or once you answer, use the back button and go back to the home screen then lock your phone.
    Once you are done, unlock the phone and it will give you an option to go back to your call, and you can disconnect or answer another call…
    This phone is awsome, way better than a balckberry.
    I hope this helps.

  15. casey king

    05. Apr, 2010

    I hate talking on this phone. Its always muting and hanging up on calls. I took it to the store and they also act as if I’m the only person this is happening to. I’ve talked with other people and they have the same problem. I tried to lock the screen and it still happens.

    • John

      18. Apr, 2010

      Finally, please read the following which is directly from our Customer Agreement:
      “We make no representations or warranties, express or implied, including, to the extent permitted by applicable law, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, about your Service, your wireless device, or any applications you access through your wireless device. We do not warrant that your wireless device will work perfectly or will not need occasional upgrades or modifications, or that it will not be negatively affected by network–related modifications, upgrades or similar activity.”
      Aaron J. Fischman
      Northeast Area Executive Relations

      This was Verizons answer to the problem with the phone issues on my droid – off to try an I-PHONE bye Verizon!