Wal-Mart sells HTC HD2 despite T-Mobile’s Memo

Posted on 23. Mar, 2010 by in Tech News

That’s right! I was able to get a T-Mobile HTC HD2 at  Wal-Mart one day prior to launch date even though they were told not to sell them until March 24th, 2010.

Wasn’t easy…but I did it!

So here’s how all this happened. I called a few Wal-Mart stores inquiring about the phone. Most of them had no clue what I was talking about..but some of them told me “yes we have it, but can’t sell it until tomorrow”. I kept calling stores until I got lucky and landed on one employee (let’s call her Sandra) who tells me “Yes we have it”. I asked her to put one aside for me but she insisted that they had plenty of them so there was nothing to worry about.

Thank you Mr. GPS for guiding me to a Wal-Mart store I never knew existed. Once there, I walk to the Electronics counter and ask for “Sandra”. She is on the phone with a customer but hands me out a memo (first pic in this post). Obviously I’m disappointed. While she’s on the phone, I pull out my 9700 and snap a pic of that memo. She then finishes her call and tells me politely “I am sorry but once I hung up with you I saw this memo so we can’t sell it until tomorrow”. I insisted and told her that other Wal-Mart stores were already selling them. She was very polite and offered to ask her department manager.

After looking at the memo, the manager reiterated that they were not suppose to sell it me before the 24th, but he offered to ask the store’s general manager.

Then guess what?? I get lucky! It just so happens that the Wal-Mart store manager was having a walk & talk with the regional manager in the store. I politely explained the issue all over again and told the managers that I felt I was mislead and he politely replied “Sir, we apologize, we will try to ring it up, if it does, the phone is yours, if it doesn’t then we will give you  $25 Wal-Mart Giftcard and you can come back tomorrow to pick it up”

What do you think happened? She “Sandra” was able to scan it and it rang up at $500 (Wal-Mart bill below), and out I was with the new T-Mobile HTC HD2. So an hour later, HTC HD2 was mine. So thank you Wal-Mart for making my day even though I had to insist. As for T-Mobile, you can send a memo to all stores..bottom line is Wal-Mart is your pimp..they’ll tell you to jump and you’ll ask how high! Thank you also to the managers at Wal-Mart for handling a difficult situation so professionally.

This phone is slick! I’m now getting my HTC HD2 unlocked remotely by CellUnlock.net and will also try to post some more pics soon.

To all you HTC HD2 fans…worth the try to go visit a Wal-Mart store if you can’t wait until tomorrow :)

*Update* After reading some of the comments posted, I just want to say that the whole purpose of buying the phone at Wal-Mart was to see if they would actually end up selling it even though they were told not to. As for getting ripped on price..gotta love Wal-Mart’s return policy.

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11 Responses to “Wal-Mart sells HTC HD2 despite T-Mobile’s Memo”

  1. guyver01

    23. Mar, 2010

    why are you unlocking the phone?

  2. tuba

    23. Mar, 2010

    500 for this phone? Are u nutts???/

  3. Ryan

    23. Mar, 2010

    500 is totally worth it. Tho i didnt have to cry, i just asked and they quickly rang me up as if nothing happened. I love walmart now. I actually had a $50 gift card so i paid what anyone buying it without a plan would pay- 450 ish. But, i must say dont do what he is doing with the cellunlock.net. I thought this same thing. But guess what!? I got my nuts up and actually called Tmobile even full well knowing two things: They dont give out unlock codes unless youve been with them for a minimum 60 days and 2 – THIS PHONE ISNT EVEN OUT YET! Low and behold, after a baffled tech confirmed i did indeed have the phone and was NOT a tmobile user, he actually understood that I had been saving for 6months for this phone and promptly took my info and sent me an unlock code which should be arriving in about 4-5 hours. No lies ladies and gents. So i say if u get this early or even on time…. call TMOBILE FIRST! Ask, and then plead if u must. But they seriously put up no fight and were very calm about it. I have a new found respect for WalMart and T-Mobs for such amazingness. I will try and post my email with unlock code when I get it. Posting this in the XDA forums later today for all the people looking for HD2 unlock codes. HD2 PwNz0rZ for the win!!!!!!

  4. popcorn

    23. Mar, 2010

    i got mine from wal-mart sun!!!!!!!

  5. Todd

    23. Mar, 2010

    500 isn’t that bad considering the European version was selling for way more and the U.S. version has better specs. True you can get it for 450 at a T-Mobile location starting tommorow, but still this phone is the best of the best right now….do ur homework tuba.

  6. Tony

    23. Mar, 2010

    The same thing happened when the Blackberry Bold 9700 came out. My nearby Walmart had them about a week before the release date, on sale and ready for immediate purchase.

    That HD2 is nice, but I wouldn’t pay $500 for it. If I could get it for $199, with no contract, and use $5.99 T-Zones, I’d be heading out to my local Walmart right now.

  7. jenny

    23. Mar, 2010

    500?? really ? there are waaaaay better phones out there unlocked that cost 500 and are waay better… than the htc hd2

  8. Jasmine

    23. Mar, 2010

    Was the model you got from walmart a t9193 or a t8585? I read the T9193 is the one to get since it works on the 3g network. I live in germany but will be moving back to the states next year…want to make sure it works here a d there if unlocked before I buy it. They sold it to you with no contract?

  9. Jasmine

    23. Mar, 2010

    Where else is this phone sold? Cmoney says it’s only $449 plus tax…where?

  10. cmoney

    23. Mar, 2010

    Yeah only with participating store so see if Best Buy is selling the htc hd2 for $449.99 go Walmart. T Mobile customers on the even more plus plan can get it for $449.99. Oh your not a T Mobile customer that’s why you’re going to jail break it…..lol

  11. cj

    23. Mar, 2010

    thanks! i took your advice and called all the Wal-marts in the city and got ahold of one!!!! they sold the HD2 to me as well!! for the same price!!!! (well worth it) you are the man!!!!