Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry Comes Out of Beta

Posted on 16. Mar, 2010 by in BlackBerry

Xobni Mobile will be deeply integrated into your mobile experience.  For example, you will be able utilize the power of Xobni’s comprehensive people search directly from the completely familiar BlackBerry “Compose Email” screen.

We offer a unique and intelligent way to manage and search your contacts and email through Outlook and on the BlackBerry – because we believe that people spend too much time searching unsuccessfully for conversations, attachments, and other important information in their inboxes. Xobni – “inbox” spelled backwards – is an affirmation of our mission: to “take back” the email inbox for our users.

Xobni for BlackBerry features:

  • Automatically created from your BlackBerry email and phone logs from “The Magic Address Book”
  • Updated with zero effort from you.
  • Access 10x more contacts.
  • Access Xobni contacts where you need them most, the message compose screen
  • Contacts are Ranked by importance – Learn more

With Xobni One with Outlook you unlock all your contacts, it combines your robust Xobni for Outlook address book and Xobni for BlackBerry.f

Xobni is available as a two different services, a stand-alone BlackBerry app, the Xobni One service which links to your Outlook Account. Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry can be purchased for a one-time fee of $9.99. Xobini for BlackBerry with Xobini One  is $6.99 one-time fee, plus a $3.99 recurring monthly fee or you can purchase Xobni for BlackBerry with Xobni One for $39.90/year.

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