BlackBerry and Multitasking

Posted on 10. Apr, 2010 by in Tech News

The iPad’s release has everyone in the gadget community talking about multitasking. What devices have it and which ones screwed up by leaving it out? The candidates for this discussion always revolve around the iDevices which sadly lack multitasking and Android and WebOS, the former sort of implementing it and the latter having full multitasking capabilities. My question is, why is BlackBerry never included in the conversation?

Now with the introduction of iPhone OS 4, Apple has introduced their version of multitasking and while sitting and listening to this I am thinking, wait a minute I can already do all of this on my Bold. Jobs is up on stage saying, alright now I have a link in my e-mail… I can open the link, and go right back to my email without going back to the home screen and launching the app again. On the BlackBerry you have been able to do that for a long time, open the email, click the link, read the site and hit the back button and bam! back to the email in the same place.

Steve also was touting the double tap the home button for bringing up the list of applications currently running… aka the BlackBerry Application switcher. It is interesting though that in an interview he said if you see a task manager on a product then its implementation is wrong but I don’t see the difference between a task manager and his applications list.

The point of all of this being, I think BlackBerry is missing a big opportunity, at least from a marketing perspective, to take some of that negative sentiment about lack of multitasking and pull the spotlight on to their platform. How many BlackBerry users think of this basic ability as multitasking or how many non-BlackBerry users know of how easy all of this capability is on a BlackBerry device? The answer… not enough. I think they could tout these features while they are in the spotlight and attract many new users that are second guessing the purchase of one of these other devices. We’ll see what route they take or what they actually choose to market other than “Love”.

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One Response to “BlackBerry and Multitasking”

  1. Mansour

    10. Apr, 2010

    Because they like Apple and anythings apple made revolutionary in there mind so any article include Apple will get A buzz and blackberry for people who cares to communicate more than paying money to play a game or to get ring tones $0.99 ..

    One of my friend get blackberry and after switch to iPhone he said there is a lot of things Apple fans will not have like unlimited of themes, a great OS and in the end you can have more than on battery of you run out of luck ..

    They just believes apple and only apple will meet consumer taste ..