BlackBerry Concierge Coming To Help You Monitor Applications

Posted on 26. Apr, 2010 by in BlackBerry

With WES and the anticipation and hopes of OS 6 being revealed this week at an all time high we just had a tip sent into our tip line.  It was part of the text of a Wall Street Journal article that covers Jim Balsillie discussing OS 6.0 and the future of RIM.  One thing that was particularly interesting was that Mr. Balsillie discussed a “BlackBerry Concierge.”  I am unsure if we should call it an application or a feature as the WSJ does.

Mr. Balsillie unveiled a new feature called BlackBerry Concierge, which will allow users to more closely monitor various applications. For instance, users will be able to review what music they listened to, who they tweeted or what they purchased on eBay using the Concierge feature, which will be integrated with carriers.

The article also makes mention of the future of BlackBerry OS using push widgets, but doesn’t give much more detail than that.  This sounds like a great idea, and we have seen previews of what it might look like before.  I cannot wait to see OS 6.0 in its entirety, along with BlackBerry Concierge.  Unfortunately the rest of the text wasn’t included and the WSJ does charge a subscription fee for you to view the entire article.  You can view the preview paragraph on their site, however.

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