Droid Incredible Officially Available-Supplies Already Strained

Posted on 29. Apr, 2010 by in Tech News

If you have been following this phone for a few months now, you have been waiting patiently for this day.  Chances are that you had already pre-ordered yours and FedEx is en route to deliver it to you.  It looks like if you waited to order one, or were going to chance it and go into a store to pick one up you better get there soon.  I have talked to a couple people and they have stated that they are close to being out of stock, and online Verizon has already posted that any future orders will ship by 5/4.

Droid Incredible by HTC

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One Response to “Droid Incredible Officially Available-Supplies Already Strained”

  1. asante

    29. Apr, 2010

    Now it says, new shipments will ship 5/7