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Posted on 27. Apr, 2010 by in BlackBerry, Product Reviews, Rumors, Tech News

First off, let me start by saying thank you to everyone who responded to our post about looking for another writer. We had a good turn out and some great applicants. I am very excited to continue working with the person who have chosen, we feel he will be a huge asset to not only our team but the site in general. Kyle has contributed a couple stories to BerryScoop as a guest writer in the past. He is now ready to step into a bigger role, and we couldn’t be happier. Without further delay, here is Kyle’s introduction in his own words. Welcome to the team Kyle!

Hey Loyal Scoop Readers,

Just want to stop in here and introduce myself as the newest member to the BerryScoop writing team. You may recognize the name from a few opinion pieces that I’ve written for the site in the past about Research In Motion. A little background on myself, I graduated this past December with a Computer Science degree from Wake Forest University, in North Carolina where I spent a few years playing ACC basketball. On the technical side I am the Founder and BlackBerry developer for ALL KAPPS Software and have a few years of experience writing top selling applications available in the MobiHand app store and also lending my development services to other applications. For a career, I am a Software Engineer at a financial firm in California so I am fully invested in the technology industry and can’t wait to start writing here. I’ll be trying to bring a unique perspective as a developer and a passion for all things tech (except for Apple of course) to my stories that I hope you all will benefit from. The things I love the most in the tech world are my BlackBerry and my Zune, so I guess I would fall into the Microsoft camp although I am open to all platforms and have done a little development for Android and am an avid Linux user. I also own and use a MyTouch so my tastes are eclectic and I will try anything as long as its shiny and new and does cool things. Looking forward to serving up some knowledge to everyone for many months to come.



2 Responses to “I am that guy”

  1. David

    27. Apr, 2010

    Welcome Kyle..Wish you all the best!

  2. DROIDBerryMA

    28. Apr, 2010

    Best of luck, I’m sure you will bring great things to an already great site!