Initial Thoughts On Verizon Droid Incredible by HTC

Posted on 28. Apr, 2010 by in Tech News

Initial thoughts on the Droid Incredible by HTC are summed up above.  That tweet was sent out about 5 hours of hands on with the Incredible.  I don’t know if it is Sense UI, the cam, the feel, or what to pinpoint exactly but this thing is a solid Android device.  Having used a Nexus One for a couple months, I can honestly say Verizon customers are not missing out on a single thing by not getting the Nexus One.  More thoughts and full on reviews by both John and myself coming in a few weeks, we really want to put these things to the test.  Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to “Initial Thoughts On Verizon Droid Incredible by HTC”

  1. Chad

    28. Apr, 2010

    Got mine today! Love it!

  2. Glenn

    28. Apr, 2010

    I played with one today … Fantastic ! closet Smartphone to compare & compete with the iPhone ! I feel its 10x better then the Moto Driod . Needless to say I pre-ordered mine today !

  3. Steve

    28. Apr, 2010

    Got it delivered today. so far no complaints….great feel….great phone…..great calls and fast very fast.

  4. asante

    29. Apr, 2010

    i’m ready to play with one. hopefully they have demos tomorrow.