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Posted on 08. Apr, 2010 by in Product Reviews

Are you guys tired of reading and hearing about the iPad yet?  My guess is you are in one of two boats; you either can’t get enough of the coverage or you have despised it from the day the rumors that it might one day exist began.  Either way you are more than welcome to put up with another first impressions story or click on, our feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t.  I am not going to go into a full fledged review yet, I just want to give a brief overview of my thoughts.

The look and feel of the iPad is great, there is some awkwardness when you first start using it on how exactly you have to hold it but once you get used to it is actually kind of refreshing to be interacting with all of my information (social/email/web/music) via touch. Especially on a screen that looks as crisp and clear as the iPad’s

The applications that are made specifically for the iPad make you feel like you are not using just a bigger iPhone/iPod.  I have told people who have asked me my thoughts over and over, “This is not a giant iPhone.”  At times you almost feel like you are using an actual computer.

The keyboard is still taking some getting used to, I cant figure out what the best method for typing quite yet.  Although I do have to say hooking up Apple’s bluetooth keyboard to the iPad and writing a blog post was a great combo.  I especially liked the fact that all the of normal keyboard shortcuts on a Mac for editing text work on the iPad.

The battery life is beyond my expectations.  My iPad came 96% charged from the factory and I put in over 12 hours of use on it.  Some of the use was using different applications like TweetDeck, Mail, and Pages.  While the vast majority of it was web browsing and streaming music.  In order to use up the last 4% of the battery and get the thing to die already I streamed and entire episode of Lost via the ABC app.  Just as the credits started to roll my iPad finally died.  Two thumbs up for battery life.

I haven’t really figured out where the iPad fits into my work day exactly yet, I hope to bring you more of that aspect with a long term review down the road.  So far, the iPad has lived up to expectations.. now just have to fit it into my already technology filled life.

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