Leaked: Twitter For BlackBerry Beta v1.0.0.37

Posted on 01. Apr, 2010 by in BlackBerry

We have been awaiting official word on the next version or even an official release of the Twitter for BlackBerry application that RIM is currently testing in a private beta.  Instead of making us wait much longer there has been a leak of the latest version, a version that testers don’t even have outside of RIM.  Some great new features in this version:

  • Option to disable the navigation bar
  • Option to disable the update box in the application home screen
  • Option to set the font for your time line
  • View and create lists
  • When viewing user profile, click on the avatar to enlarge
  • Option to edit profile
  • The application now uses data cache for faster performance

You can visit the following and download the proper version for your OS.  BBTweeps


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One Response to “Leaked: Twitter For BlackBerry Beta v1.0.0.37”

  1. Ryan Edsall

    01. Apr, 2010

    So I was an “official tester” at the beginning then this whole deal where it didn’t launch, I never received an update not once. Compared to UberTwitter which I beta test at as well I’ve gotten 9 updated from Uber compared to the zero from RIM’s Twitter. SO this morning when I saw an official leak in my Timeline I thought well this is going to be gone with the wind and worse thing is I’ll just re-download the link of the 1st wave official link they sent me…SO far it’s quite better and my feedback would be positive, especially the fb integration, ;)