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Posted on 06. Apr, 2010 by in Product Reviews

Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of bluetooth headsets, never have seen the point to them. I realize that they make driving and talking on the phone easier, but I have never liked how they fit in my ear, pick up too much background noise, and I cannot hear anything in the ear the headset is on. With that being said, I decided to give the Sound ID 400 a shot.

The Sound ID 400 looks and feels great when you have it on, the sleek black outline of the headset doesn’t make you look like a wannabe cyborg. For in ear comfort the headset comes with 4 different sizes and/or styles of ear pieces to make for the best fit once in your ear. Sound ID also offers custom fit ear molds on their website One of the gripes I listed above about using a bluetooth headset was the fact that once I am wearing one I cannot hear anything out of that ear. With the Sound ID 400 it has a feature that they call “Environmental Mode.” With the headset on and environment mode activated it acts almost like a hearing aide amplifying the environmental noise that is around you. One awesome feature in my opinion, in fact I wish my hearing was that good all the time.

The sound quality of the headset on both parties ends is excellent. With 3 different volume settings it was easy to find a comfortable volume for myself as I used the headset.  As for background noise on the other parties end, that wasn’t an issue with this headset. I commute 2 hours a day on an interstate so there is a lot of background noise while I drive, from the various calls I made there was not one complaint about background noise.

There are various models listed on Sound ID’s website with the Sound ID 400 being the highest model. It retails for $129.99 and can be ordered straight from the site. Below are some of the features and benefits of the Sound ID 400:

The Sound ID 400 differentiates itself from other Bluetooth headsets with the following innovative features:

  • PersonalSound™ offers you 3 custom listening modes that are tuned to enhance speech clarity and boosting listening power.
  • Environmental Mode™, a unique feature only found on the Sound ID 400, this enables you to hear equally out of both ears, even when wearing the headset.
  • NoiseNavigation™ removes background and wind noise while boosting speech for clear conversations.
  • Multi-Point Technology lets you connect with two Bluetooth-enabled phones, such as a work and personal phone so the Sound ID 400 can answer or originate calls on either phone.

Despite my hesitation to use a bluetooth headset this Sound ID has done a great job and although I haven’t changed my mind completely I can see myself using this headset more than I have used them in the past.

  • Automatic Volume Control reduces the need for users to manually switch volume settings, as the headset seamlessly adjusts to changing environments and variable noise situations.
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    1. Al

      17. Apr, 2010

      Mr.Cipriani, I appreciate your honesty about not wanting to use a Bluetooth headset,I myself have the same concerns,but while checking out their website I discovered that the “custom made earpeice” are made by REAL ear specialist!! According to your zipcode or state info you provide them. I don’t know of any other bluetooth manufacter who does this. I will give this a try and give you an update.